Frequently Asked Questions

What if multiple zones intersect?
We show all rates that match the criteria. If multiple zones match, we will show multiple rates on the checkout page.
I am on the Shopify Basic plan, can I still use Rate sby Postcode?
Rates by Postcode requires access to the carrier service api. Your app's request to create a carrier service will fail unless the store installing your carrier service meets one of the following requirements:
  • It is on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher.
  • Its Shopify plan is paid annually.
  • It is a development store.
What happens if no zones match?
If no zones match the criteria, then 0 rates will be returned from Rates by Postcode. If you add a fallback zone we will return rates from that zone.
What is a fallback zone?
A fallback zone is a zone that will always be used when there are 0 other zones that match. This allows you to provide rates even to those outside of your main delivery area if you wish.
What information do you log about my customers?
When a customer goes through the checkout process, Shopify sends us the known customer details. in Rates by Postcode, the customers details are irrelevant other than the postcode. Therefore we only log the postcode and the rates we responded with. All other customer details are discarded such as name, email, phone, address, etc.